Rueben Wood is a prime example of a successful media entrepreneur who has made his mark in the entertainment industry. From his beginnings as an aspiring Hip Hop and R&B artist, to his current position as a media consultant, journalist, film director, radio host, and owner of SOM Magazine and SOM Networks, Wood has demonstrated a remarkable ability to adapt and succeed in the ever-changing media landscape.

The Challenges

Born in Brunswick, Georgia, in 1991, Wood started his music career as Yung Bank in 2007. With his mixtape "Look At The World The Way I Do," Wood quickly gained national recognition and was offered multiple record deals from top labels. Despite his success as a musician, Wood's passion for media and marketing led him to start SOM Magazine in 2011. His goal was to provide a platform for artists to break into the industry, drawing upon his own experiences as a musician.

Wood’s media empire continued to grow as he expanded into other areas such as film production, radio hosting, and social media. However, it was his collaboration with HYPE PR that really took his career to the next level. HYPE PR is a leading media agency that specializes in social media verification and boosting online presence. By partnering with HYPE PR, Wood was able to achieve a higher level of credibility and visibility online, which in turn opened up new opportunities for his media ventures.

The Solution: HYPE PR

In Wood’s own words, "HYPE is hands down the best media agency for social media verification. I've worked with many agencies in the past but none compares to them!” With the help of HYPE PR, Wood's social media presence was given an astonishing revival, and he was able to connect with a wider audience. The agency's Pro™ plan provided Wood with a comprehensive suite of services including verified status on all major social media platforms, PR and media outreach, and targeted influencer campaigns. These services helped to elevate Wood's reputation and profile, enabling him to establish his brand as a credible and professional media company.

HYPE PR's verification process is organic. By being accepted into the Pro™ plan, Wood was able to demonstrate to his followers, clients, and industry partners that he was a legitimate and trusted voice in the media industry. This level of credibility was crucial for Wood, as it allowed him to establish himself as a reliable source of information and a trusted partner for media projects.

Verification and Credibility Boost

With the help of HYPE PR, Wood was also able to gain greater exposure through media and influencer outreach campaigns. The agency worked closely with Wood to develop and execute a tailored PR strategy that leveraged his existing relationships with the media and influencer communities. This resulted in a significant increase in media coverage and social media engagement for Wood, which in turn helped to boost his reputation and drive new business opportunities.

In conclusion, Rueben Wood is a prime example of how effective PR and media outreach can help entrepreneurs to achieve their goals and succeed in their careers. By partnering with HYPE PR, Wood was able to elevate his profile, establish his brand as a credible media company, and open up new opportunities for growth and success. His story serves as a testament to the power of effective PR and media outreach, and demonstrates how the right strategic partnerships can help entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams.

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